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  • 11-10-2011 - kipgrill geprobeerd geweldig ding geemn ander worden voor
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  • 29-06-2011 - is it possible to order this part for Switzerland?

    Kind regards

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  • 29-04-2010 - INGENIUS. MIGHT GO WELL IN THE US. I`D...  lees meer
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The KipGrill® is a class I quality product. By increasing sales of the KipGrill®, nationally and internationally, we are in search of sale points to resell the KipGrill®.

By a ongoing quality control, a constant quality is provided. KipGrill® provide its products from stock. For this reason it is possible short use and directly be able delivery periods foresee in the need of the customer.

For further concessionnaire information you can fill the form below or contact KipGrill® by phone. Phonenumber 0031 03 41 26 68 85.

minimum purchase: 50 KipGrill® = one pallet

The Original KipGrill as a give away or gift. We can produce it with your own name or logo.


To order the kipGrill in the uk, please contact:



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