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  • 29-06-2011 - is it possible to order this part for Switzerland?

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- Take the fire basket (with the supplied handle!) from the KipGrill® 
- Put three kindlings on the bottom of the fire basket and ignite them
- Wait for approximately five minutes
- Fill the half of the basket with briquettes
- Put three kindlings on top of the briquettes and ignite these
- Fill the rest of the basket with briquettes
- Do not start with grilling until the basket is well on fire

- Attach the chicken to the middle of the spear
-  Put the top of the spear on a piece of wood an start rotating it to make sure the chicken is firmly mounted on the spear.
-  The chicken should not be imbalanced and should rotate easily

- After finishing you favourite course the KipGrill® is easy to dismantle
- Don’t use your dishwasher but simply clean the parts with water and soap

- Store the KipGrill® in a dry and clean place

- Look on the recipe page

Give away:
-The KipGrill® is an ideal give away, many companies have presented it.



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