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  • 29-06-2011 - is it possible to order this part for Switzerland?

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The Original KipGrill (EN)

KipGrill®, it`s so much fun to make your chicken done!

The KipGrill® is a unique barbecue gadget. The grill is driven by th
e ascending hot air from the coals in the grill. No electricity, no power cables nor a single battery is required for use.

You won’t believe your eyes when you see your spicy chicken rotating `all by itself` in the KipGrill®. After approximately 50 minutes the chicken is well grilled with a delicious crust.

The grill is easy to convert into a gyros/sategrill. Just replace the chicken spears by stainless steel skewers. These skewers can be placed on stainless steel `discs` which will hold the skewers in place.

The KipGrill® is made of robust and firm material for a long life garantuee. Easy to clean and easy to store.

What`s so special about the KipGrill?
You won’t have to rotKip readyate the chicken manually or with use of an engine. This automatically happens thanks to the heat released by the coals in the grill.

How does it work?
Hot air ascends and makes the rotor blade rotate, along with the spear where the chicken is attached to.


Your company name or logo on the KipGrill is possible! 
A nice addition is the possibility to laser your company name or logo on the KipGrill®. However, this is only possible with a minimum purchase of 50 pieces of the KipGrill®. For more information, click here.

Demonstration Movie
We also made a demonstration movie, where we show you the KipGrill® and how to use it.

  • The Original KipGrill LIMITED EDITION
    The Original KipGrill LIMITED EDITION


    Specifications: Video:
    kg 4,5 kg
    Hoogte 45,00 cm
    Doorsnede (Ø) 32,00 cm

    Inhoud: handgreep voor korf
    1 x rvs koker 1 x onderplaat
    1 x rvs spieshouder…

    € 108,00 € 79,00



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